We develop infrastructure that empowers enterprise for optimal productivity.

We are dedicated to providing effective and efficient advanced technology solutions that organizations can apply to their day-to-day business challenges for higher returns.

Elastic Search

Our core technologies focus on Elastic Search, which is an open source search and analytics engine designed for different kinds of data. It has the capacity to translate large amounts of data into valuable and strategic insights for businesses. With the real time insights from Elastic Search, organizations can have access to relevant information in a timely fashion.

Known for its straightforward REST APIs, speed, scalability, and distributed nature, Elastic Search can be integrated into existing architectures of a digital workplace. Its intuitive nature and high scalability makes it easy for Elastic Search to search through some of the most complex database for structured and unstructured data. When conducting a search for a specific search item, Elastic Search widens the scope of your search with appropriate synonyms.
At Jafra Consult, we use Elastic Search technologies to create an enterprise search that is customized for the unique challenges of each business enterprise, fitting easily into already existing architectural framework.

Mobile Development

At Jafra Consult, we help businesses develop mobile strategies that empower the enterprise to be more effective, efficient, and highly productive. Whether you currently have your own app store, looking to explore mobile application development, or you are just planning to jump on to the mobility bandwagon, you need a strategic digital company like Jafra Consult to walk you through the process.

Jafra Consult works with latest technologies from Mobile to help its clients meet the business challenges and enhance their overall business performance through the use of the best mobile technology. You can trust our team of experts to develop enterprise level and consumer-centric mobile applications for your iOS and Java, Android, React Native, and other Hybrid technologies.

With our expertise in mobile technology, we help enterprise develop solutions at cost effective budget to enable them take advantage of the smart use of mobile technology. Our expert team has worked with various organizations across different industries to develop robust and highly scalable mobile applications that are at par with the quality and speed of innovation in today’s world.


At Jafra Consult, we deliver high quality e-commerce technology solutions designed to help enterprise attain its biggest goals in the digital world. We offer custom-made e-commerce development services that deliver on return on investment. Over the years, our team of experts has developed various e-commerce solutions to businesses across industries. It doesn’t matter the size of your business; whether you are a start-up entrepreneurial organization or a large online business, our team has the capacity to offer the perfect solutions for your e-commerce platform.
We offer advanced level features services that enhance your online business. Using Hybris, Mangento, and other tools, we help to increase the experience of your multi-channel users, which ultimately increase your revenue generation.

Content Management

With our customized CMS software solutions, we help organizations innovate and grow. We continually leverage intelligent framework to build fully-featured, secure, and scalable solutions that focus on the different phases of your business growth. We not only create solutions that engender high productivity but also enhance valuable experiences and profitability of your business enterprise.
Through the design and development of custom Drupal solutions and software, we use result-centric approach that significantly minimize overall costs and maximize return on investment. Our team is also highly equipped with skills and expertise in Magnolia, WordPress, among others; we bring all these expertise to bear when working with you.

Cloud Technologies

Are you looking for a reputable Cloud computing service provider? Jafra Consult is at your service. We offer a wide range of cloud computing services for Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), among others. Our team of experts is experience in IT infrastructure and possesses the skills required to build custom solutions that transform organizations. We provide effective solutions for Cloud maintenance and support covering Private, Public, and Hybrid application development and implementation.

Jafra Consult specializes in the development, implementation, customization, and continuous support of IT infrastructure and business management software systems. We offer services that include the deployment of PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS application development. Irrespective of the size of your business, we have the perfect cloud solutions that will fit into your organizational needs.