Whatever business need you have, you can trust us to provide the perfect services that meet those needs.

Web Based Applications

At Jafra Consult, we are passionate about building smart and scalable web solutions that create values and engender business success. Our team is equipped with the skills required to develop top of the range end-to-end web solutions that meet different business requirements. We work with our clients to create customized strategies that align with industry standards and that meet the expectations of their customers. You can trust us with the management of all your technology needs including consulting, web development and design.

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Jafra Consult brings to the table, years of domain experience, to build strong and scalable web applications that deliver on your business objectives. We make use of open source platforms including Java, and PHP to deliver highly reputable and reliable web based applications that you can rely on. Whether you are looking to develop a web based application for your Intranet app, on-premise set up, cloud-based, or for your corporate website, you can trust us to build the best web application solutions that meet your specific need.
At Jafra Consult, we understand the significance of clean and smart programming code for business growth. Therefore, we build web solutions that support seamless synchronization with top search engines across the web. We also provide web applications that support effective and efficient optimization of search keywords. Our job is not complete and hand-over is not done until our testing team certifies that your web app is in conformity with the latest web standards and supports fast loading time of web pages. For us, enhanced usability of the web interfaces is non-negotiable.


We provide the following Web Based Application Development Services:

Custom-made Web Applications

Cross Platform Apps

Digital Commerce & Enterprise e-Commerce Web Applications

Enterprise & Web Portals

Website Development

Your website is the first point of contact that many people have with your brand. The layout, interface, and speed of your site can make or mar the experiences that users have with your business. Customers and prospects generally avoid websites that are unreliable, too technical, or difficult to navigate through. Your customers and prospects are not the only ones that suffer the effect of poorly developed website. Your internal team also gets huge headaches when basic changes to the website become practically impossible.

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With Jafra Consult, you don’t have to worry about the problems that come with underperforming website. Our team has the technical skills and expertise to deliver top quality, high performing and responsive website that gives you competitive advantage in the marketplace.
When you engage our service for your website development, you engage a professional team that has genuine interest in your unique business needs and is passionate about meeting those needs. Jafra Consult’s team has seasoned experience in project management and the team is made up of the right set of people to get the job done. When it comes to website development, there are no two projects that are the same. Therefore, our team goes through a rigorous process of determining the specific solutions that meet your business goals.


Our website development Process:

Situation, Objectives, and Requirements Assessments

Creation of customized technology strategy that meets your business challenge

Delivery of total website solution, including Copywriting, and Design

Front-End and Back-end Coding

Testing the Site against various Checkpoints

CMS Training and Launch

Each of these steps has a detailed process that our team takes your website development through to deliver high performing website.


Mobile Applications

At the heart of creative disruption are mobile applications. They have birthed transformation across industries and have continued to grow the bond that connects brands and customers. No doubt, anyone can code but behind every basic mobile app is a powerful technological architecture and clear-cut coding that delivers seamless user experience; only an expert like Jafra Consult can achieve this.

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At Jafra Consult, we deliver the technical contents required to develop and sustain great apps. Whether you are interested in creating a seamless user experience, grow competitive edge, or streamline business operations, Jafra Consult offers the expertise to help you achieve your business objectives. We leverage our strategic insights and technical know-how to deliver excellent experiences that stimulate brand engagement and ultimately growth. We understand that creating an app is an integral step towards achieving your business goals and you can trust us to work with you to build and optimize your mobile application.

Our team has worked with clients across industries to develop mobile application for Android and iOS mobile platforms, using renowned cutting edge platforms, frameworks, and tools. You can trust our team of highly talented software engineers to develop the perfect software applications that deliver optimally on your investment.

Mobile Applications Services we offer include:

UI/UX Design

Cross-platform or native development

Compliance certification for app stores

Mobile app testing, including development of the test automation suites

Publishing to the app stores, and

Maintenance in app stores

Software Develoment

Do you need a reliable and robust enterprise software solution for your business operations? Jafra Consult has the expertise and wealth of experience to guide you through the process of leveraging the latest technological solutions for your business.We understand that each client has specific needs and we offer different bespoke services relating to software development solutions that meet these individual needs.


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You can trust us to provide the perfect solutions for your custom software development projects. We will work with you to develop scalable enterprise software that incorporates advance technology into your software and mobile apps development, ensuring your enterprise objectives are met.

Services we provide include business analysis, solution design, data migration, software development, project management, documentation, testing, user interface design, installation/deployment/publishing, and support & maintenance.

Our Software Solutions

Custom-made Software Development

Our custom-made software development is designed to support your enterprise infrastructure with scalable software that enhances the core features of your business, ranging from automation to team collaboration. Whatever business objective you have to achieve, you can leverage our expertise to develop custom made software solution.

Legacy Systems Modernization

Our team is available to carry out an extensive technical and feature analysis of your legacy solution to enhance it with the latest technologies and tools. With modernized legacy systems, your employee won’t have to spend long hours trying to work around limitations. Rather, they will become more fulfilled and highly productive at their work.

API Integration

Businesses rely on synchronized SaaS and on-premise 3rd party applications. At Jafra Consult, we can help you enhance your software infrastructure with reliable API, data integration, and robust micro-services. With our in-depth enterprise API integration solutions, you can seamlessly meet your business goals.

Application Consolidation

Enterprises experience limitations when there are a lot of uncoordinated software solutions. At Jafra Consult, we help our clients integrate, and consolidate their enterprise software as required and move them to cloud hosting and modern stacks. With this, you can streamline your IT operations, enhance efficiency, and significantly reduce costs.