Enterprise Search

Make your data easily accessible across enterprise applications with a single search query

Data is the lifeline of business enterprise in today’s world

The wealth of data and content that organizations gather and maintain has continued to grow enormously.

With the accumulation of data comes the strong need to warehouse and utilize same effectively and efficiently. This can be a major challenge for organizations as different types of data are stored in different sources where it has become a herculean task for employees and customers to access such data easily.
Without a doubt, Enterprise Search is an important tool most organizations need. Systems’ built-in search tools are mostly unproductive and hard to configure and come with very limited features. However, with the implementation of appropriate enterprise search solution, an organization can turn data into its biggest asset. You can have data warehoused appropriately and easily accessible across enterprise applications with a single search query.
At Jafra Consult, we offer enterprise search solutions that make workplace productivity seamless. With our customized solutions, managements of organizations can make faster and better decisions. User experience also becomes seamless as customers can easily find whatever they are looking for with minimal effort.
Succinctly put, when you employ enterprise search for your business, it enhances faster and better decision making process; excellent customer experience and heightened level of satisfaction; enhanced employee satisfaction; and cost reduction and higher revenue generation.